Monday, June 6, 2016

The Orientation Programme for teachers

Orientation programme assumes a great importance in any institutional functioning. In schools, it gains even more significance as it orients not only the teachers who join from new session, but also other faculties towards set norms, goals and objectives of the school. SVM sustains the healthy tradition of orienting the faculty members at the start of new session, when school reopens after summer vacation. The school conducted ‘The Orientation Programme-2016-17’ from May 31 to June 4, 2016 during which planning of the whole academic year was worked out. The programme was enriched with variety of activities like workshop on ‘best practices in teaching, group discussions, and also academic planning for the year. The highlights of ‘Orientation Programme 2016-17’ are:
1.      The programme was presided by the principal, Mr. Govind Borade
2.      It was a five-day programme that took place between May 31, 2016 to June 4, 2016.
3.      The programme commenced with the welcoming of new teachers by the principal and followed by introductory greetings.
4.      The principal re-oriented teachers with the philosophy, mission and objectives of the school and urged them to contribute substantially in accordance with the same. The teachers were assigned subjects and classes and briefed with related information.
5.      Declaration was made regarding responsibilities of class-teachers and co-ordinators of various committees to several teachers.
6.      Principal Mr. Govind Borade delivered an inspiring and informative presentation on ‘taking a minute by minute approach to class time’. In his speech, he emphasized on importance of planning of classroom teaching. He also focused on adhering to the time lines.
7.      Mr. Nikhil Mistry briefed the teachers with the academic calendar of the school highlighting pure teaching days for each session of the academic year.
8.      Mrs. Heena Chapla listed out the co-curricular activities and the celebrations to be met out during the academic year.
9.      Mr. Ujjawal Acharya briefed the teachers about the procedure to be followed for CCE and about the maintaining records thereof.
10.  Mr. Atul Rai briefed out details of examinations and the standard procedure to be followed for the same.
11.  The next two days were transformed into a workshop during which each of the teachers made oral presentation on ‘anthology of Best Practices in child education’. The presentation comprised of the following aspects:
a)      Objective of practice
b)      Description of practice
c)      Impact of practice
d)      Outcome of practice
e)      Case study related to such practice
12.  After the presentation by all the teachers, Principal Mr. Govind Borade highlighted each of the practices as mentioned by the teachers. He also presented supporting arguments illuminating the need of such practices. He motivated the teachers to incorporate best practices of others in their own classroom teaching strategy. That is how a teacher can grow and develop professionally and students gets rewarded with better academics.
13.  In the last two days of the orientation programme, teachers worked out annual syllabus planning and unit planning.
14.  On the concluding day of the programme, teachers were directed to make necessary preparations and arrangements for welcoming the students who were to report by the next day. Also guidelines were given to teachers to orient newly admitted students so that they can adjust to new environment quite comfortably. 

Summing up, the ‘orientation programme 2016-17’ turned out revitalizing and edifying. Teachers felt themselves enthused and evolved with traits conducive to academic and overall functioning. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

SVM Outshines…

Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir chased the pathway with its thriving custom of creating the 100 percentage results of the students taking Class X and Class XII Board Examinations. With the blessings of His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji, the go-getters brought glories to the school by performing outstandingly well in all streams. The resolute and dedicated efforts by the students under the guidance of the teachers as well as direction of the Didis were distinctly far-reaching. The school congratulates the achievers and at the same time vows for perking up with excellent results in the following years. Here are the statistical highlights of the board results:

Class X board results: Class Strength: 25
  • 100% result
  • 05 students scored 10 CGPA
  • 15 students scored 9 & above CGPA
  • 04 students scored 8 & above CGPA
Class XII board results: Class Strength: 33
  • 100% result
  • 06 students scored above 90%
  • 19 students scored above 80%

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Annual Prize Distribution

Every year SVM inspires the students to work harder with immense sincerity by all possible means. The Annual Prize Distribution ceremony was organized in the assembly hall for the Shining students whose enormous efforts in different skills were appreciated. Wow! Various prizes and awards, trophies and certificates, shields and medals were given away by the teachers to the achievers for their bright accomplishments.  The ceremony brought forward the talents of junior as well as senior students in the school. The Ceremony incorporated an assortment of categories. The Principal in his speech,  congratulated the achievers for their triumphs. The brilliant results and splendid feat of every year, signify the ultimate mission of the school.