Monday, April 10, 2017

Lord Ram and Lord SwaminarayanPragatya Celebrations

Lord Ram and Lord
SwaminarayanPragatya Celebrations
It is said that one who reverences Shree Rama and Lord Swaminarayan with faith and devotion, becomes large-hearted and pure in spirit. To proclaim the birth of Lord Rama and Lord Swaminarayan, the glorious Celebration was held in the prayer hall. Students sang devotional bhajans and performed dances in the praise of Lord. The video presentation on the life of Lord Swaminarayan, very mystically touched the hearts of all. Students treasured the vibrant essence of this Hindu Festivals.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Funtoot (Mathematics Enhancement Program )

The Funtoot program (Mathematics Enhancement Programme )
A revolutionary online learning aide, funtoot takes a child through a unique fun-filled learning journey in the world of math & science. In the current education system, teachers are left with little choice but to adopt homogeneous teaching methods. Due to lack of time, they can only teach at one level to the entire class –irrespective of each student’s inherent potential,strengths and weaknesses.
To overcome this difficulty, The Funtoot program is introduced at SVM. Funtoot is an intelligent, adaptive learning solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that facilitates personalized learning based on each child’s individual IQ, learning style, learning gaps and proficiency. It also makes learning fun by leveraging the student’s area of interest and helps students overcome learning gaps.

 Tablet Winner with Highest Fundaas in School is Dishree P. Darji from class 4 with 1,01,847 Fundaas (points). (Dec'16 to Feb'17)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Annual Prize Distribution

Annual Prize
Every year SVM inspires the students to workharderwith immense sincerity by all possible means. The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony was organized in the assembly hall in which the shining students’ enormous efforts in different skills were appreciated.Wow! Variousprizes and awards, trophies and certificates, shields and medals were given away by the teachers to the achievers for their bright accomplishments.  The ceremony brought forward the talents of junior as well as senior students in the school. The ceremony incorporated an assortment of categories. The Principalin his speech,  congratulated the achievers for their triumphs. The brilliant results and splendid feat of every year, signify the ultimate mission of the school. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Inter House Group Singing & Instrument Playing Competitions

Inter House Group
Singing & Instrument Playing Competitions
Holistic development without co-curricular activities is more or less unattainable. Hence, the unforgettable evening filled with melody of music and harmony of tunes produced the ambiance of assembly hall plainly enthralled, when the Rising Stars of SVM  performed  in a class wise instrument playing uniting with group singing competitions. The performers, after extensive rehearsals, delivered highly polished pieces of instrumental music. The judges were unquestionably awestruck gazing at the performances of varying categories, perfectly following the rhythm of drums and keyboard music. It turned out that hard work and enthusiasm, if truth be told, pay off.