Wednesday, June 24, 2015

International Yoga Day

As 21st June, 2015 was declared as International Yoga Day, SVM dedicated its efforts to inculcate the Yoga culture among its students to infuse a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual faculties. The first session was held at 6 am in the central garden of school where the students were exposed to various forms of Yoga – Exercise. The next session was followed by Classes IX to XII accompanied with teachers to participate in The International Yoga Day Celebration. It was organised at Narmada Garden where the students of a range of schools and many people of the city performed Yoga with immense enthusiasm and fervour. The concept of International Yoga Day has created an awareness and brought about a remarkable change in the life style of the people and the habit of healthy living.

Inter House Gujarati Poem Recitation & Elocution Competitions

Poem Recitation I to II
Poem recitation is an art of expression of thoughts and understanding towards Gujarati poetry. This is what was felt by the listeners when the tiny tots of Grade I & II participated in the competition. All the kids were very excited and full of energy. Students fluently recited beautiful poems with bright ideas and showcased their instinctive flair.
Elocution Competition III to X
Why not anybody be impressed when the budding speakers mark their most individual approach in terms of narrative style, use of diction and imagination as build up wonderful speeches on given themes? Yes, students of Class III to X displayed their knack and endowment with originality as they participated in the Elocution Competition.