Thursday, February 25, 2016

Annual Prize Distribution

Every year SVM inspires the students to work harder with immense sincerity by all possible means. The Annual Prize Distribution ceremony was organized in the assembly hall for the Shining students whose enormous efforts in different skills were appreciated. Wow! Various prizes and awards, trophies and certificates, shields and medals were given away by the teachers to the achievers for their bright accomplishments.  The ceremony brought forward the talents of junior as well as senior students in the school. The Ceremony incorporated an assortment of categories. The Principal in his speech,  congratulated the achievers for their triumphs. The brilliant results and splendid feat of every year, signify the ultimate mission of the school.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

ICT Creativity Competition

As we hurtle towards the 21st century, we must accept the inevitability of a computer revolution in the near future. Computer education can potentially enhance students’ research skill, career aspirations, creativity and overall performance. To employ this rapidly evolving tool that can now deal quite effect­ively with all fine forms of information and for better education, The Inter-house ICT Creativity Competition for the classes I to VIII was very productively organized at SVM. Computer lab was nothing but a research center where the brain power plainly engendered magic in application of creative softwares like Paint, Tux Paint , Spreadsheet , PowerPoint  & Prezi Presentations, Photoshop, Designing Website in HTML & Flash, Scratch programming and typing - keyboarding skills and many more. Students could transfer their enhanced creativity to their desired topics within few minutes.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Inter House Competitions : English Elocution Competition & Science Quiz Contest

Why not anybody be impressed when the budding speakers mark their most individual approach in terms of narrative style, use of diction and imagination as build up wonderful speeches on given themes? Yes, very astonishingly, students of Class I to V displayed their knack and endowment with originality as they participated in the Elocution Competition.
To assess the scientific skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students, SVM very ingeniously hosted the Inter House Science Quiz Competition. It created an opening for the teams of Grades VI to VII, to bring their extreme potential on a common platform. The competition was conceptualized with various brain teasing rounds.

Group Singing & Instrument Playing Competition

Holistic development without co-curricular activities is more or less unattainable. Hence, the unforgettable evening filled with melody of music and harmony of tunes produced the ambiance of assembly hall plainly enthralled, when the Rising Stars of SVM  performed  in a class wise instrument playing uniting with group singing competition. The performers, after extensive rehearsals, delivered highly polished pieces of instrumental music. The judges were unquestionably awestruck gazing at all the performances of varying categories, perfectly following the rhythm of drums and keyboard music. It turned out that hard work and enthusiasm, if truth be told, pays off.