Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Funtoot (Mathematics Enhancement Program )

The Funtoot program (Mathematics Enhancement Programme )
A revolutionary online learning aide, funtoot takes a child through a unique fun-filled learning journey in the world of math & science. In the current education system, teachers are left with little choice but to adopt homogeneous teaching methods. Due to lack of time, they can only teach at one level to the entire class –irrespective of each student’s inherent potential,strengths and weaknesses.
To overcome this difficulty, The Funtoot program is introduced at SVM. Funtoot is an intelligent, adaptive learning solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that facilitates personalized learning based on each child’s individual IQ, learning style, learning gaps and proficiency. It also makes learning fun by leveraging the student’s area of interest and helps students overcome learning gaps.

 Tablet Winner with Highest Fundaas in School is Dishree P. Darji from class 4 with 1,01,847 Fundaas (points). (Dec'16 to Feb'17)