Monday, July 8, 2013

A Workshop on Womanhood: Integral Development and Personality in modern world, career and life

Womanhood: ‘Integral Development and Personality in modern world, career and life’ was the key point of the resource person Dr. K. Parmeshwaran, the Dean in Gujarat National Law University at Gandhinagar. The workshop was held in assembly hall at Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir, Bharuch on Saturday, 22nd June, 2013 between 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
The workshop was split into three sessions.
The first session was attended by grades IX to XII students where he discussed about four integral portions of human being i.e. Mind, Heart, Body and Strength while the main source from which these all four come into survival is the SOUL. He added that the perfect coordination and integration of all these four portions can lead to the perfect womanhood. Whatever one becomes scientist, doctor, engineer or teacher, the ultimate purpose is to serve the humanity with the great capacity, ability and skill was his finishing statement.
In the second session of teachers, he touched the point of ‘Teaching and Teachers’ as the Golden Bridge among past, present and future. Along with that he enveloped the role of teacher and its significance in the life of student and in the field of teaching. He very visibly explained the purpose of education is to comprehend the true reality around us and the ultimate reality within ourselves. He very thoughtfully expressed that Science explores reality from outer part while Religion within.
The third session was on International Law as a career option for students. He informed the students that law bridges the gap between problems and solutions and is a very lucrative option. It was an interactive session as students asked many questions regarding Law as a course of studies.
Thus, the workshop was concluded very productively with a great gaining of knowledge and understanding for both teachers as well as students.

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