Monday, August 3, 2015

Guru Poornima Celebration

Guru Purnima is a day when we pay obeisance to the lifeline of this great, unbroken civilization of India -the guru-sisya-parampara or mentor-protege lineage. The celebration commenced with a devotional prayer and Shloka followed by Thakorji and Swamiji’s Poojan by the dignitaries. Students expressed their gratitude and respect for their teachers and mentor Didis by performing Guru Poojan. The skit on ‘Ekalavya’ was performed extensively and an episode on the life of P.P. Swamiji narrating His Guru Bhakti was gracefully acted. The dance act as Nritya Natika was the major pursuit at closing stage of the event. The dancing lights and stage beautification effects fashioned grand vibrations. Students took hold of a very vitalsignificance of being extremely faithful towards Guru’s commands.

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